Marketing services

Nobody knows your customers as well as you do. Is it true? Find out more about your customers and use this knowledge to get even more of these great customers excited about you – with target group-specific marketing measures. How it works? We tell you.

Payment processing

If the payment of your service is important to you, it should be as easy as possible for your customers. That’s why we help you to make payment even more convenient.

eCommerce and web shop optimization

In German we say: “Every goose thinks their children are swans”. The external consulting as a third-party view of your online shop shows you what you would never have seen in your own view: namely, where you can improve your shop in order to make it even more successful.

Trademark law

The more successful a brand is, the more widespread it is and the higher its media exposure, the greater the risk of being copied by competitors. It is therefore even more important that you protect your idea or your company that implements this idea as a brand and prevent your successful brand from being exploited by unauthorized third parties.


Compliance with all legal provisions is important for companies not only from a legal point of view, but also because this is a requirement in today’s economic life and a certificate of qualification.

Data protection

Data protection regulations have become an important challenge – also because the legal regulations are constantly changing, and the rules affect all other areas of business life. It’s good to have someone here to help you avoid mistakes. Contact us.

Company credit reports

In B2B, large volumes or long-term relationships are not uncommon. It is even more important to carefully weigh up the payment modalities. The company information on our online portal will help you.

Consumer credit check

Before you take a risk, you should know how big it is. The consumer credit check helps you to find the right decisions and suitable payment terms. Credit information can be obtained individually via the online portal or via an interface.

Address investigation

“Address unknown”? “Recipient at address cannot be determined”?
You can quickly and easily check or research the addresses of your customers via our online portal.

Purchase of accounts receivable

If you want to increase your cash flow or avoid liquidity bottlenecks, we are happy to talk to you about purchasing your receivables.

Foreign debt collection

Do you have defaulting clients abroad? Distance, other languages and customs or unknown legal provisions make you hesitate? Simply hand these demands over to us. As a member of an international and highly specialized partner network that knows exactly the legal and cultural conditions of the respective country, we work for you worldwide.

Individual collection claim

There are individual claims which, due to their amount or other circumstances, require a completely customized process to get the payment. And more than usual, your knowledge of the claim history and our expertise are important in order to achieve a successful recovery.

Long-term debt collection and monitoring

If you have titled claims by the court or if your overdue claims have already been processed in the past but unsuccessfully, we will take over the renewed prosecution. With perseverance and persistence, we stick to the debtor, consider his economic situation and, if necessary, take reasonable judicial recovery steps to get the payment.

Debt collection on your behalf

Our traditional debt collection mandate:
This is a a traditional debt collection mandate where you remain the owner of the payment claim, and we will assert the claim on your behalf and on your invoice so that you can concentrate fully on your business.